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  • Bolognaise (With Meat Sauce)
    freshly cooked spaghetti mixed with our own fresh peeled tomatoes blended in special herbs,minced vegetables,seasoned in thick chunky beef with tasty sauce prepared daily;served with 2pcs of garlic bread ..
    Tk. 459
  • Carbonara
    Freshly cooked pasta mixed with our three cheese creamy sauce,zesty beef loin mixed with fennel and topped in fine grated parmesan cheese; served with 2pcs of garlic bread ..
    Tk. 399
  • Lasagna
    Our own specialty baked lasagna cooked in a casserole and layered with ground meat marinara sauce and a blend of fresh mozzarella cheese with 2 pcs of garlic bread ..
    Tk. 549
  • Pasta Vegetable
    A tomato based amazing pasta which will blow your senses ..
    Tk. 365
  • Penne Alla Forno(White sauce & mozzarella cheese)
    Penne italian cooked to perfection,sautéed with chicken and olive oil,creamy white sauce and baked in the oven with a mix of cheeses to perfection; served with 2 pcs of garlic bread ..
    Tk. 499

Mountain View

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